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Reply to "3rd Rail Sunset E5-6 run 2 reservations now closed (May 5) - Standby Reservations Available"

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Here are my photos of the number board & name boards from E5A Silver PILOT #9911-A at Illinois Railway Museum on 09/18/2016.  

Please see my separate post & thread for more photos of Silver PILOT & the Nebraska Zephyr titled:

"CB&Q E5A #9911A Silver PILOT 09/18/2022"

Thanks in advance !!!



Images (3)
  • BR-CB&Q_#9911A_SilverPilot_EMD_E5A_CloseUpOfNumberBoard_FrontRightSide_2016-0918_WHH
  • BR-CB&Q_#9911A_SilverPilot_EMD_E5A_CloseUpOfNameBoard_SILVER_2016-0918_WHH
  • BR-CB&Q_#9911A_SilverPilot_EMD_E5A_CloseUpOfNameBoard_PILOT_2016-0918_WHH
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