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Reply to "3rd Rail Sunset E5-6 run 2 reservations now closed (May 5) - Standby Reservations Available"

Hi @Rob Leese

I agree with you that FW&D’s names Silver CHIEF & Silver WARRIOR are wonderful E5 names which evoke imagery of “Everywhere West”.

Although TZ decals in O scale are not commercially available, Microscale does have an HO set of CB&Q E5 decals with all of the names & numbers and the Texas Zephyr lettering (set 87-581).

Microscale also makes decal paper for use with laser printers.  

So if you are decal inclined, you could make an enlarged copy of the HO decals onto decal paper .  

(1/48) / (1/87) = (87/48) = 1.81 Scale Factor

I am an out-of-the-Box guy and have no direct experience with application of decals onto models.  I would probably damage my model in the process & end up with a Frankenstein’s E5 !!!   Silver MONSTER !!!

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