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Reply to "3rd Rail Sunset E5-6 run 2 reservations now closed (May 5) - Standby Reservations Available"

@sdmann posted:

I totally understand the budget situation. I don't want anyone to skip an order because it came it too fast or all at once. We offer 3 month layaways on most projects and longer if one has orders from several projects coming together.

Here's what I see for production scheduling in the next 12 months.  The delay between finishing and arrival is about 2 months.

VGN Battleship Gondolas are Done, Coming in May/June.

EA/E1 - Production Finished May 15th.

Milw - Hiawatha 2.0 Cars - Production Finished May 15th.

Milw EP3 - Production Finished August. Tooling Done, samples coming in 30 days. We have 85 reservations and we are making 100 units, so reservations will remain open until they are filled.

E5/E6 - I think it will start in May, finished in August / September

1948 20th Century Cars - Starting in May, Finished in August / September

SD40-2 - It will start in September and finish in Dec/Jan. Design almost finished.

C&O Chessie Cars - Begin in September Finish in Dec.

1948 Broadway Ltd - Begin in September Finish in Dec.

Steam engines are not getting enough orders to start. I don't think there's much we can do to change that.

FAs in 2023

P42 Genesis in 2023

RDC Rerun, GP79 and SD 79, Rerun and new announcements coming this year, will be produced 2023.

All other projects are in the planning stages.

That's what I know. I hope the information helps.

Scott Mann

OK But What about the Superliner1 and the rerun of Amfleet I and Viewliners? Inquiring minds want to know!

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