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Reply to "5x16 layout plans?"

Moonman posted:
Aaron Buczek posted:

Hi all. I've been having trouble finding plans for a 5x16 layout. I have a longer basement that's fairly long but not as wide. I still need room to entertain, hence, the 5 feet depth .  I've been working on plans in SCARM for about a month in my spare time, but I'm having a bit of writer's block. I'd like to open up to the community for suggestions. For your reference, I'll be using FasTrack with DCS, minimum curve of 0-36. What I had originally was a double mainline around the perimeter of the layout, and an elevated double reversing loop. Seems kind of plain, right?

What I'd like to accomplish:

  • Three independent lines, two of which should have access to a common yard and turntable.
  • I would like some elevated portions, perhaps the third line can be entirely elevated.
  • A downtown/shopping area should be included somewhere on the layout, probably centered.
  • Mountain area should on the left side of the layout (since the visitors will enter at the other end). I'd like to tunnel through and/or around the mountain.


Cheers, gents!

Aaron B, Michigan USA

Post your plan or email it to me. Some comments...

  • A 60" table only permits 2 lines with FasTrack having an O36 minimum - O48 & O36 - unless one makes two O36 inside of the O48  Atlas O would be perfect with O36, O45 & O54 for three independent lines
  • I would suggest that there be a run along the back wall elevated about 2.5" - 3" and down again for scenic effect. Perhaps up and down to the mountain end with two reverse loops
  • The scenery features of city and mountain country at opposite will add visual appeal
  • Two loops and some sidings will have a better visual appeal. Also, more space for scenery. Remember running a command system permits multiple trains on the same line simultaneously

Ok, take a gander at this :


I would not want to use other track types, if possible, since this is a modular semi-permanent setup, and I want to be able to change and expand if I ever add modules on.  I think keeping the track system would save money and effort in the long run. I also want to make sure there's enough room for an unobstructed view of a "downtown area", complete with shops, roads, and parking lots. I like the design, and I might try to include a third line around the perimeter, and open up the center a bit more for the city area. Thanks for your continued assistance!

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