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Reply to "5x16 layout plans?"

Aaron Buczek posted:
Moonman posted:
Aaron Buczek posted:

Hi all. I've been having trouble finding plans for a 5x16 layout. I have a longer basement that's fairly long but not as wide. I still need room to entertain, hence, the 5 feet depth .  I've been working on plans in SCARM for about a month in my spare time, but I'm having a bit of writer's block. I'd like to open up to the community for suggestions. For your reference, I'll be using FasTrack with DCS, minimum curve of 0-36. What I had originally was a double mainline around the perimeter of the layout, and an elevated double reversing loop. Seems kind of plain, right?

What I'd like to accomplish:

  • Three independent lines, two of which should have access to a common yard and turntable.
  • I would like some elevated portions, perhaps the third line can be entirely elevated.
  • A downtown/shopping area should be included somewhere on the layout, probably centered.
  • Mountain area should on the left side of the layout (since the visitors will enter at the other end). I'd like to tunnel through and/or around the mountain.


Cheers, gents!

Aaron B, Michigan USA

Post your plan or email it to me. Some comments...

  • A 60" table only permits 2 lines with FasTrack having an O36 minimum - O48 & O36 - unless one makes two O36 inside of the O48  Atlas O would be perfect with O36, O45 & O54 for three independent lines
  • I would suggest that there be a run along the back wall elevated about 2.5" - 3" and down again for scenic effect. Perhaps up and down to the mountain end with two reverse loops
  • The scenery features of city and mountain country at opposite will add visual appeal
  • Two loops and some sidings will have a better visual appeal. Also, more space for scenery. Remember running a command system permits multiple trains on the same line simultaneously

Ok, take a gander at this :


I would not want to use other track types, if possible, since this is a modular semi-permanent setup, and I want to be able to change and expand if I ever add modules on.  I think keeping the track system would save money and effort in the long run. I also want to make sure there's enough room for an unobstructed view of a "downtown area", complete with shops, roads, and parking lots. I like the design, and I might try to include a third line around the perimeter, and open up the center a bit more for the city area. Thanks for your continued assistance!

This was done in FasTrack.  There isn't enough room to run another line around the outside. If you try to shorten the O48 line, the O96 snake will be a fitment issue.

I would refer to your layout table style as sectional.

Your file or a track plan would help us see what you like or how you think to enable some ideas that would appeal to you.

Running ovals isn't bad. It puts the emphasis on the scenery. One of my favorites that demonstrates this concept is in the Atlas O gallery. Look at the Bear Holmes layout here. It is the same table shape as yours. The two photos on the left, first row and second row.

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