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Reply to "Fastrack 4 x 8 modified into L"


There are many reasons why the track joints are misaligned and do not connect.  Here are a few:

  1.  Unequal lengths of parallel straight sections,
  2.  Mixing curves of different diameters,
  3.  Running straights on the diagonal. and
  4. Short straight gaps that cannot be filled by pre-cut sections.

I don't have the Fastrack library for RRT but I also have SCARM which includes all track libraries.  SCARM is free if you can work within the limit of total track sections.  I've reworked your plan in SCARM.

Patrick Jan V1

You can update your RRT plan from the diagram.

I've included a pdf which lisrs all the possible combinations of FasTrack pieces to fill gaps.  Note that all gaps are not fillable anf you might have to increase the gaps size to fill it.  The measuring tool is much needed for this.



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