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Reply to "Fastrack 4 x 8 modified into L"

@L.J. posted:

Looks like you are using some 060 turnouts as well as 036/031.  With Fastrack, the 060 and 072 turnouts include 1/3/8" "makeup" straight.  RRT requires the use of those to auto connect to the next track.  The makeup straight (road bed missing from one side) compensates for the design of the 060/072 switch.  This will create the need for adjustments in your design.  Use the PDF for Fastrack length combinations.  I have found that what does not line up in RRT sometimes has enough "give" with that the actual track will connect and not effect operation of your trains.


Thank you Larry. I’ll try updating the RRT file later today. Hopefully with everything I ordered I can still make ends meet! I got all the track and structures up yesterday. They sure come up faster than they go down. Filled all the holes with spray foam and trimmed the excess. Got one roll of Realgrass down last night before calling it quits. Patrick



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