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9204 Northern Pacific Green Boxcar

Due to the cold response to my ads on the 9200 series boxcars, I have decided to sell them a different way.  Please do not order anything from this ad.

The 9200 Series Boxcars had 16 such cars issued.  These cars were numbered 9200 thru 9215 and then there was a break and the last 9200 Boxcar was the Monon 9230.  The 9216 thru 9290 were operating cars,etc.  Lionel might of had the Monon on the drawing board, but the 9216 number was used because Lionel forgot about the 9200 collector series boxcars--No Quality Control.  So, when they issued the Monon, it was in the line of cars starting with 9216 and plugged in at 9230.  Go to Greenberg's Price Guide and check out all of the 9200 freight cars that were not collector type boxcars and you will see lonely 9230.  In my opinion, the numbers 9216 thru 9290 should never of been used.  Also, the Monon Boxcar should of been a special numbered car as it was from a Service Station Special Set.    

Besides the number mess up of the 9200 series boxcars, the Lionel Train Company (under the ownership of General Mills and the MPC Company making the trains) did not worry about quality control.  The first ten years of Lionel Trains was a growth factor for the New Company.   There are still variations made in Lionel as most of the trains are still made in the Orient and language barriers are a problem.  

ZERO--Lionel Box #9204 Car #9204 Northern Pacific Green Boxcar.  5 cars have a built dates of 1/70 and 4 of them have Timken Trucks and 1 car has Symmington Wayne Trucks.  Price $22 each plus shipping

ZERO--Lionel Box #9204 Car #9204 Northern Pacific Green Boxcar.  6 Cars have no built date of 1/70 and 3 have Timken Trucks and 3 have Symmington Wayne Trucks.   Price  $24 each plus shipping

There you have it.  

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