A Multi-Train Running Record?

stan2004 posted:

Are you intending to use the off-the-shelf latching relay module from Azatrax (or the like)… or cobble together the latching function  using a multi-relay non-latching eBay relay module as shown in my diagram?  I may have misunderstood you previous response but I thought you were going with the Azatrax method.

The diagram I showed with ZWC and so on was just a cut-and-paste from the other thread with a similar but not quite the same trolley configuration.  That version required delay modules and so on.  Your application is simpler and does not require delay modules.  I can draw up a diagram for your specific trolley application.   So, 

1. Which latching relay method are you planning to use?

2. What is your power source/transformer?


Stan, are you Stan Roy who was featured in the McComas and Tuoy 6 video set, and who had the record for simultaneously running the most O Gauge trains (maybe 27)? 

I can't help but think that you are because of your knowledge about relays. Arnold


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