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Reply to "The 300 LOFT ELECTRIC RAILROAD: It still runs..."

Hi Gerry -- Thank you, I appreciate the compliment.

Hi Randy -- The short answer is yes, my catenary is based on the Euro-style Amtrak catenary above New Haven.  I hope you will find a close resemblance between their's and mine.  However, that is not the catenary I wanted to build.

My preference is Pennsy catenary, ala the Port Road, A&S and Old Pennsy main.  I had a layout years ago with that style of catenary.  As it was my first stab at O scale catenary, my build techniques were much rougher then (which should be painfully obvious), and it was an O27 layout, (ugh, I broke so many rules...don't ask).  However, the catenary WIRE's Pennsy flavor was obvious, (not the supports).  I soldered every single joint, and those are little pieces of copper wire (blipps I called them) between the trolley and messenger wire, which were all soldered by hand.  That system was a double-track main, and took over 5 years to build.  It then took me just over 5 hours to tear down after I had to move, and it's all history.  I was (and still am) quite pleased with the wiring technique.  However, the catenary support system is appalling to look at over O27 track, hideously over-engineered, and rather embarrassing to share.  I only took a few pictures and video, just enough to show how NOT to do catenary support.

These days I have a challenging home life with a special needs little boy, and my wife has some medical issues of her own.  From the drawing board I knew that my new catenary scheme would have to be much more elegant and less time-consuming for me to be able to do.  I wanted to run trains, not spend years building catenary; my build time was limited as it was.  So, I decided to go the simple Euro-style route.

When I move somewhere bigger, I will try the Pennsy catenary again, as that is what I really want.  However, for this layout, in this season of my life, the Euro catenary is a good compromise, and I am very pleased with the results.  The trains roll with hardly a hiccup ever.


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