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Reply to "The 300 LOFT ELECTRIC RAILROAD: It still runs..."

brwebster posted:

It's always worth returning here to see what's new under Nate's world of wires.  Although he and I model different eras, I could almost believably squeeze in an E44....just not a blue one.  All it would take is for one of those MTH's to show up locally in Brunswick green.....not that the P5a is anywhere near retirement on my layout.


Good evening Bruce:

Good to hear from you, thanks for the virtual visit!  You would be pleased to know that I seriously considered a P5a (modified) well as a BB1 pair.  There is a shop in York that is closing soon, and he has one of each.  It is not in my era, nor can I afford it...  But it would have been cool to run off the overhead here!  Also, I think the P5a Mods are 072 minimum, which doesn't quite work.

I saw you have made some progress as well.  Have you powered up your overhead?  Feel free to post some pics here, or re-direct me to where you may have some.  Take care, my friend.

(PS -- Those PRR E44s are around...I expect to see one on your system soon...)

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