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A scene that will go unfinished......

"What to do with layout corners?"

I'm sure many of us have asked ourselves that question over the year. On my current 6x16 layout (started in 2011), I had asked myself that question and thought found an answer to one of my corners....

I was making it a place for an abandoned siding, with abandoned rail equipment, featuring an old diesel being cut up. And, an old tinplate caboose that was going to have a tree growing up through it. I used a piece of RossBed, cut up to approximate where the siding came off of the main. I have a worker's shed, a Port-o-Potty and work lights.....but it will never see the grass, dirt, weeds and junk I had planned for it.


However, I am not despairing. The layout is coming down because we are finishing off a 22x30 room in our attic, and a new, larger layout is in the works. Maybe this scene will finally get finished on the new layout......

Anyone else have scenes that have gone unfinished?



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