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Reply to "a source for wheel/axle sets? (Making lego trains for o gauge)"



I think I found a likely solution. I bought a pile of these two rail trucks years ago and they have been sitting in the bottom of a box ever since.  I don't even remember what brand they are.

It turns out the ends of the axle sets are the same diameter,  0.076", as the diameter of the lego axles.   I think I will be able to snip the axle on a BMR wheel set and use the bearings on a new outside frame truck arrangement.  A between the wheels bearing arrangement would still be better in opinion, but at 3 studs wide probably not that stable. The outside the wheels bearing arrangement will still likely be 7 wide.

I hate to waste a set of BMR wheels but this is for a prototype, so I might have to break a few eggs to get the omelet.  Anyway I thought you guys would like to know what I found so far.


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