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Reply to "Switches & Layout Reliability"

@Redshirt214 posted:

Interesting replies all! I'm glad to see that 'm not alone in my thinking. Tom, a question about those floating points, do they reduce stalling?

I suspect I'll leave my current layout as is, rather than do any upgrades. The current layout was built when when I was still a kid, and Fasttrack was new so the old stuff was out there for dirt cheap.

At this point in my life it'd make more sense to just build another layout, since my tastes in operation have changed a bit since then, if and when I ever manage to have a steady job, and move out of my current house and into a new one. But planning is free! So I keep bouncing different ideas around in my head.

Hey, Redshirt! I can relate to your problem; in the past I've been so...there! Really, it seems the bulk of the problem, at least for now, is that one switch that is causing a lot of problems. You can find 027-height switches very cheaply online, so a twenty-dollar or less fix isn't far away, but maybe you want encouragement to build anew. That's great, too. If you choose to stay with 027 profile trackage, you might be more pleased to find a wider radius in some, if not all, sections. I currently have a layout with an outside loop and an inside sort-of-dogbone, where trains turnaround and come back the other way with each pass by using 2 FasTrack "bullet-proof" 036 switches. Never had a derailment because of them in 10 years and each pass turns the switches once, so one complete turnaround going exactly the same route uses 4 "non-derailing" passes. Not bad for ten year-old turnouts! First pic shows Seaboard switcher just having gone right w/switch and will trigger non-derail after going around the "town". Next pic shows the Williams CP Trainmaster on the straight part of the switch, will go thru the mountain and throw it again coming back. It saves the "same look" of a straight ahead loop. 3rd pic shows WP freight just over the non-derailing loop it goes over each time it passes by.Inside loop No Nafta jinx here copy 2Night sky?


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  • No Nafta jinx here  copy 2
  • Night sky?
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