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Reply to "A Three-Train/Three-Loop Lionel FasTrack Layout on Two 4x8s, O36 Minimum"

As usually happens with FasTrack, there are lots of little sections (1-3/8, 1-3/4, 4-1/2).  Lionel ought to package them by the dozen for a discount.  OR (better), Lionel should introduce a small expandable section (not kidding), that I have shown before, and is available in

Z gauge Rokuhan.r031-2-113x90.4r031-1-218x174.4 and Kato N Unitrack KAT-20050-2__05530.1504130545

And add it to their S FasTrack as well.   Lionel could make good bank with this section, and more folks would be inclined to build FasTrack layouts if it is easier to make fractional connections.  [And would save me tons of time😉, optimizing is the most time-consuming aspect of designing FasTrack layouts to tight specifications.]   I submitted the idea to Lionel by email - fingers crossed!


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  • r031-1-218x174.4
  • r031-2-113x90.4
  • KAT-20050-2__05530.1504130545
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