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A Yellow bayonet bulb for a Lionel 022 switch?

I wonder if anybody makes a yellow bayonet bulb that would fit into the lantern socket of a Lionel 022 switch.

I have a really important switch in the center of my layout, but the switch is positioned so that when I am at the operating board, the switch is facing at a diagonal angle to me.  This means that when I look at the lantern cover, I am not looking at it straight on.   I am looking at the corner (edge) of the lantern.  As a consequence, I don't see just a red lens or a green lens facing me as the switch operates.  I see a half of a red lens and a half of a green lens, which is quite confusing.

Accordingly,  I plan to pop out the red and green lenses from the lantern, and just leave the lantern open, but with a yellow (caution color) bulb inside.  I am also going to mount a little metal flag on top of the lantern, positioned such that I can immediately see whether the switch is open or closed, based the direction in which the flag is pointing.

I would prefer to have one of the painted "carnival" type bulb, as the LEDs really give me  headache.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.



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