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Originally Posted by rtr12:

QC & RA added. PITA was already on list.


Thanks for the additions

Sorry- I missed that!....what a pita, pita was already there!

In my defense I was hopping back and forth, installing some Q decals and then checking posts.

Ok, as a semi-redeeming shot, here's some that actually aren't on your current list;

-"Q"  a term with burlington folks for the CB&Q..not widely spread among the community, but hey.

-"TLR"  that looks right... a term for scratchbuilders or kitbashers on how close you got it to where you wanted it. 

-"PE" can also mean photo etch as in etched brass detail pieces.

-"PO" can also be previous owner when describing used items.  

You know its a good kit bash or build day when there's alot of plastic shavings under the workbench - or- that I really need to clean up the floor again.


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