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Reply to "Acronyms & Abbreviations Used in OGR Forums"

Originally Posted by Brandy:

rtr12, here are 2 more used on some other forums, that you can add!


gtbsm- Got to Be Sh**ting Me

ygtbsm- You Got to Be Sh**ting Me

Thanks for the addition, but I am going to let Rich weigh in on these. I don't recall exactly, but when I first started trying to put this list together there were a couple like this that I believe were removed? I'm thinking it was when Rich originally formatted the list for me. I want to stay within the forum rules and don't want to get the whole thread deleted. We must keep the moderators happy.



Originally Posted by AlanRail:

just to save a few LNL - Lionel

Thanks, Added this one.



Originally Posted by Arthur P. Bloom:

"POTS - Plain Old Telephone Set (Just for Fun - We'll see if anyone notices?)"


This plain old telephone man noticed. It's actually "plain old telephone SERVICE," and it's an actual RBOC / LEC term. (Regional Bell Operating Company / Local Exchange Carrier).


POTS, as opposed to PANS, which is "Pretty Amazing New Stuff" referring to optical fiber packet transmission, for example.

Thanks, so many people contributed to this in other threads I can't remember who to credit for POTS, but it was another forum member and not me. I added PANS, but thought the RBOC and LEC might be pushing it.


Once again, thank you all for the additions, please keep them coming.

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