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Mark Boyce posted:
Arthur P. Bloom posted:

"POTS - Plain Old Telephone Set (Just for Fun - We'll see if anyone notices?)"


This plain old telephone man noticed. It's actually "plain old telephone SERVICE," and it's an actual RBOC / LEC term. (Regional Bell Operating Company / Local Exchange Carrier).


POTS, as opposed to PANS, which is "Pretty Amazing New Stuff" referring to optical fiber packet transmission, for example.

Dan Padova posted:

I dislike acronyms almost as much as I abhor graffiti.....

Having started my career in telecommunications 41 years ago, POTS caught my eye.  I agree with Arthur.

Also having been around too long.   I agree with Dan, I hate acronyms as much as graffiti, and that is an awful lot.

However, we are stuck with acronyms, so I commend you RTR12 for starting this list off.  There are some I certainly did not know.

RTR!@ = what ?

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