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Reply to "Addicted to BlueRail"


First, thanks for sharing.  This has really inspired me to take that first step into battery power.  I think I have a good understanding of your conversion but would welcome any comments on my understanding below? My first target is an MTH Diesel engine so assume all the statement below are for an MTH engine with PS3 or PS2 with optional DCC.

  • Battery power is targeted toward providing between 14-18volts DC, the more mAH, the longer the engine will run on one charge.
  • Follow all recommendation and precautions for battery charging and storage
  • The battery is connected as input put to the BlueRail 5amp board with the output of the board becoming the power input to the engine and DCS board in DCC mode.
    • If this above is correct, then it should be possible to add a switch for the power source, i.e. battery or 3rd rail, enabling the engine to be run either from battery power or track power; Battery w/DCC and Track w/DCS.  Isolation of the power source is critical to not send unintended power to the battery, with a good practice being to disconnect or remove battery if running with rail power.
  • All DCC functions are available via DCC using Battery power that are listed in BOTH MTH's DCC command list AND BlueRails DCC command lists. If not in both lists, it will not be available.
  • You use BlueRails command system or App to control the engine in battery power.
  • Have you attempted to MU two battery power engines and can you share your experience?

Thanks in advance.


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