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Reply to "Addicted to BlueRail"

@Tom Tee posted:
For batteries you may want to check out the MTO battery website out of Red Lion PA.
Bob Buck is a master at hiding switches and ports.

I have an appointment with Bob next week to look at some Li Ion batteries, a charger and wire harnesses.  I was on his website and decided to call him.  When he found out we lived so close he invited me over to take a look.

I was running my ABBA consist all day yesterday fooling with all the adjustments.  It was very fun.  These engines run so great now as BlueRail Battery.   I was VERY disappointed in the way they ran as a DCS lashup and almost sold them a few times.

I'm looking forward to the permanent battery install.  Bob Delbridge I love the water spout idea.  Maybe I will try to replicate that with a sand tower.

Have Fun!



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