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Reply to "Addicted to BlueRail"

So I was going back through this thread, and I got excited about trying a dead rail install again.

Does the Bluerail App work with Android or only iOs?

Right now IOS... It's my understanding they are developing Android.

@Merlin posted:

I am into RC stuff and the higher the battery the more expensive. The more I use my RC stuff and recharge the battery on every flight I notice the battery starts to give me less flying time as they get older. So if you plan on doing this and using your trains a lot plan on buying replacement batteries. I probably own over a 100 lipo batteries as I use them in my flashlights as well. They have come along way with safety on these batteries. I don’t think you need a recharge bag or ammo box to hold these in anymore.

I fly RC and battery usage is quite different.  With RC Lipos it's high C rate or energy quickly, following by a special charger needed to balance cells.  I've been flying for years.  I know I have not replaced batteries that often.  Some cheap 11.1 2200's swelled up.    I have three 14.8 4500 batts I've been using in a Corsair for 6 Years.

Batts for trains are different.  For one, don't use Lipos.  Use LiIon.  No balance cells leads required.  Also, LiIons should have PCB protection.  This prevents overcharging and excessive discharge.

Batts from DeadRailInstalls and Gscaleinstallations are high quality and safe.  I used a 14.8v 3000mah battery that runs a train for over 3 hours.  They are in the engine with a charge port, so no need to remove and replace.  But I could if I needed to.

My layout is already wired.  But if I was just starting today, there is no way I would wire a layout.  My Battery trains run much better than my track powered trains.

Have Fun!


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