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Reply to "Adding a scale chassis to an MTH almost scale CNJ Pacific"

As anyone who knows me, I have the habit of getting involved in multiple projects at once ..... maybe I'll even finish one some day.

Back to this project here are some photos that I promised to post.  This casting is actually quite excellent.  MTH did a nice job on the tooling with operating vents on the roof, operating windows, and some nice accurate details.  As you can see in the photos this comes with some of the wiring harnesses and includes the complete smoke system even though I don't run my with that option.

Time to start figuring out what I would need to complete this one.  I'm going to do the Wooten firebox as a brass "box" form and screw it to the existing body from the inside.  That is really the major flaw with the MTH tooling on this one.



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