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Reply to "Adding a scale chassis to an MTH almost scale CNJ Pacific"

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I plan on holding onto the shell.  It is likely the closest I'll get to a mostly accurate CNJ G3 (p47) Pacific.  It is very difficult to find equipment that actually resembles the equipment they operated.  10 wheeler Camelbacks are a dime a dozen although rare in 2 rail.  No one has done CNJ 592, the Atlantic Camelback that lives in the B&O museum and arrived operational in the early 50's.  Pacifics are just hard to find.  Some of the Weaver Reading ones are close, but need work.

Short story, is someday I'll get this together and running.  So far I am just running DC when I get a change to even run a train these days so command can come much later.  I'll definitely be talking to you when I get some time away from my day job to get into this project.


Johnathan, I found today a 2 rail chassis with spoke drivers that’ll be a bolt in for your may get a hold of me for more details...if you’d like ...


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