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Adolphus Observation Car

Hi fellows my name is Lee Ross, I just turned 50 last Friday; been collecting and operating off an on for years. I should have a lot of trains, but I've sold out many time, and then started over, this time it looks like I wont have to do that anymore. Here's a question? I have an ( ADOLPHUS  Observation Car #6-19038 ); I would like some info about it, if any one knows. I believe it was a limited addition? I would like any info, year, how many were made, and value? I have two price stickers from the same company on the box; (Trains LTD.); (179.99). I didn't pay near that much, but I would like to know its worth and if its that rare. I have to get to a hobby shop to get a price guide, but the closest one is a least a hour to three hours away, or a couple hundred miles. Thanks Hope to makes some friends on here.









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