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General Electric Engine of the 3-unit turbine Union Pacific, looking for drawings

8500 HP 3-unit turbine Union Pacific

I'm Edwin also on this forum USA O scale in The Netherlands and did a lot of pictures of my turbine 30 was talking to do more detail on the engine so maybe nice that this one has is own I'm looking for detail pictures and drawings of the engine in the B-unit you see on the picture of my o scale model Overland did a great job but not in detail yes better in ho scale see also picture.

O scale version.

This under is the ho version from Overland.

My question to all railroaders if there is drawings or better pictures that I have, hope you can help me...

From UP148 you see beautiful weathered engine by Lee Turner the O scale version but I want to go further to add all pipes and other parts on the engine if possible.

What I found are those pictures.

I hope that someone can help me I know there are Blueprints but I think there must be something of the general Electric Engine, Overland got it from somewhere.


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