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Reply to "ALL SCALES: 26AWG Super Flex Wire Soon"

RonH posted:

Hi Dave just some questions on the wire:
How many strands make up each wire?
Is the outer jacket silicon or plastic?
The silicon type wire with many strands are used in the RC world with servos and other add on electronics where vibration and movement could break a wire.


     It is 50 strands per wire and it is coated with PVC.

Description: Daflex ultra flexible sub-miniature and microminiature hook-up wire series using fine, soft bare stranding and thin PVC walls, is designed for continuous flexing applications such as data processing, mercury thermostats, magnetic memory drums, rotation servo platforms and robotics.  The insulation offers superior limpness and flexing characteristics from -40°C to +105°C. It is specially formulated to minimize kinking and fatigue, and it resists acids, alkalis, oils, solvents.


Dave, LBR

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