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Reply to "Allentown Spring Thaw question"

@prrhorseshoecurve above MSRP is super accurate and a much better way to describe T&L's prices than my use of "pricey". Below are some examples of items that I remember for being over priced as well as some that were :

All of the Lionel 2 bay covered hoppers from 6-17000-6-17010= $45

Ex.: 6-17008 Lionel 1995 DRG&W 2 bay covered hopper= $45

Lionel 2026500 Conrail 57' smoking mechanical reefer= $210

Atlas O 2007 SW Series Lehigh Valley w/ TMCC: $400

Weaver Conventional Lehigh Valley Alco c628 Snowbird: $300

All small fastrack sections: $5

Items I remember purchasing from them that I consider good deals:

MTH Railking Scale Lehigh Valley Also c628 Snowbird w/ PS2: $300(was mislabeled as a Weaver, still got it for $300 which actually isn't that bad- they mess up like that sometimes which is nice)

Atlas Trainman C&O 52' 6" Gondola(used, sold on consignment w/o box): $20 or $25

Lionel 6-27518 C&NW PS-4 Flatcar with Piggyback Trailer(used, sold on consignment w/o box): $45

Those last 3 are diamonds in the rough, but still, worth sharing

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