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American Flyer Legacy Berkshire information - 2018

Hello all!

As promised, I'm starting this topic to discuss the details and features of the new A/F Legacy Berkshire announced in our 2018 catalog. The engine is being offered in Nickel Plate, Pere Marquette, C&O, Erie, American Railroads, and RF&P liveries. The goal of this thread is to show how this model differs from the FlyerChief version of the Berkshire.

I'll start with the loco:

There will be two different headlight variations depending on the prototype. One has the headlight mounted in the center of the smoke box door:

The other has the headlight mounted lower:

You can also see the design differences between the two pilots. Again, as per prototype. The scale dummy coupler is a separate piece that attaches with a single screw similar to the O Scale steam engines.

In the images above, the different colored parts indicate what is separate from the main boiler casting. Most of the pilot is separate, as well as the number boards and marker lights (all lit), detailing around the smoke stack, handrails, and other details on the sides of the boiler. Also, the smoke box door does swing open and latch closed with a magnet like in the high-end O scale engines.

Moving back, you can see more of the detailing on the engine:

There are lots of separate parts applied to the top and sides of the boiler. Many of the pipes are separately applied.

Onto the cab:

There are many separate grab irons in and around the cab. The cab itself does have seats for the figures and will have figures installed like previous A/F Legacy steam offerings. The back-head has some separate detailing as well. There is the firebox flicker in the cab as well as a cab light. An added bonus will be the ash-pan glow effect!

Now onto the tender:

The tender has many separately applied grab irons. There are also separate steps, ladder, and coupler cut bar. There's a working backup light. The hatches on the tender deck do not open; the volume pot will be accessible from the bottom. The bottom has the track IR and a few separate details. It will have mounting for a scale coupler. Lastly, it'll have a separate coal load like the O Scale steamers.

A few other notes:

  • This engine will not have Bluetooth. The A/F Legacy board (BEMC) cannot support it.
  • Tender has the 40mm speaker used in Legacy engines.
  • Wireless (IR) drawbar
  • Standard SGSU smoke unit for the stack


Please let me know if there are any other questions! Hope this helps. We've had fun with this engine and are excited about it. Sales performance on this engine will certainly dictate what fun things we can do in the Flyer world in the future!



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