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Bob Bubeck posted:


1. Will the smoke box area be painted the contrasting graphite color depending on the prototype modeled? Yes

2. Would an extendable draw bar assembly like on the L-AF Y3 fit into the budget? No room for it

3. Looks like separately applied coal for the tender is planned and doable, yes? Yes - you can see in the tender image above there is no cast-in load.

4. Also, judging by the electrocouplers on the new GPs, there is apparently a need to further modify the couplers so as to permit them to dependably operate with a wider range of Gilbert and Gilbert-compatible knuckle couplers. Can this improvement be incorporated in the Berk and other future locos? We modified it to work with current A/F couplers. If you can suggest to me the other couplers in mind, I can take a look, but there's no guarantee that it'll work. Not easy to be compatible with everything.


jonnyspeed posted:


1. Will the tender have a Kadee mounting pad? Yes

2. Will the sound system have 4 chuffs per revolution? Yes

3. Will the smoke unit be synchronized to the chuffing? Yes

4. I know the answer, but is there any possibility of scale wheels being offered? No - historically the scale-wheel versions do not sell well enough to justify the effort.

5. Lastly, if this model is a success will we see more Legacy steam models in the future? That is the key. For us to consider significant investment in engines in the future, the sales of this engine need to be really good. This rings true for both steam and diesel. Tooling nowadays is a huge cost, and we need the Flyer community to show us that they're willing to buy enough to justify it.

richabr posted:

Looked around and all the pictures I found show the available roadnames had centered headlights. Something for the future? 

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