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Reply to "American Flyer Legacy Berkshire information - 2018"

Bob Bubeck posted:
jonnyspeed posted:


Personally, I would prefer scale over Hi-Rail, but it has become painfully apparent that there will be precious little new scale product being made. Most of the scale modelers on the S scale Facebook group are saying that "S scale" is going back to its "scratch builder" roots. That doesn't particularly interest me.

Well, River Raisin addresses the S scale part of the market. They offered a beautiful (albeit expensive) brass RTR model of the Lima Berkshire a few years ago. If I were a 'scaler' I would have jumped at the chance to purchase one. The new Lionel AF offering is a shot at 'it' for us hi-railers.



Bob, Just so you know, River Raisin took orders for and sold some models with the option of ordering scale or hi-rail wheels, however, I don't think the Berk they did was one of them.

Dave, thanks for your comprehensive review and for answering questions about the new Berk!

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