American Flyer number games

every time i think the American Flyer numbering system cannot get worse, i have to adjust my thinking.  the Flyer 6½" freight cars of the 1920's came in both 4 wheel and 8 wheel versions.  for the boxcars, #1112 was the cataloged number used on 4-wheel cars and #1115 was the number used on 8-wheel cars.  ...except when it wasn't.

add this to the variety of truck types, door graphics & colors and roof types and i've come to the conclusion that a car not listed in the Greenberg text is not all that rare.  here are a few i shot today...

AF 1112 AutoBox03 02
on Type IV trucks...

AF 1112 CP 02
or the earlier (and very worn die) Type II trucks.

AF 1112 Southern 02
one truck on this car is completely smooth, devoid of any embossing.

AF 1115 4wh AutoBox 01
with no door graphics (not an error).

AF 1115 4wh deluxe AutoBox 01
Greenberg only lists an 8-wheel version of this "deluxe" model w/ ladders
and a brake wheel, but here it is on a 4-wheels frame, too.

AF 1115 SP 02
well, at least i have one that follows the catalog numbering system!

fun stuff! ... gary


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