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In a previous post about AF passenger cars that I was redoing I mentioned that I was looking for an AF boxcar to make into a head end car. Another forum member saw the post and made me an offer I couldn't refuse, He would send me 2 boxcars, I would repaint one in C&NW yellow and green and I could keep the other one for my project. Below are some pictures of his car.



His car came out great, mine is still a work in progress.

I painted mine in Hunter green and started decaling it for Hood's Milk but had a bad day and trashed one of the decals so now I need to order another set but eventually it will get done.

In the mean time though I did have a rusty junk box gondola that needed a new life and it's looking pretty good, just needs the couples and brake  wheels mounted tomorrow.20200728_19442120200728_194417



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