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Reply to "Amtrak's Plans to Extend Rail Service Across the Country"

I'm happy to live in a country where we're all welcome, and in fact many people believe obligated, to say what you believe.  However in addition to the emotion that all of us are throwing into our comments, please add some facts.

Ray, what I hear in your comment is something I hear very often, but is not based on fact.  Do you look at Amtrak's on-time performance figures?  Region by region? They're posted you know.  Are the airlines on time?  What do their on-time figures say?

Manny, with all do respect what happened 30 years ago has little bearing on today.  Things change, and they do so rather quickly, even with railroads.  Buy tickets.  Try it out.  You might enjoy it.  Then come back with your comments.  We'd welcome your observations.

I normally take a trip that's about 4 or 5 hours long, several times a year, and have gone cross-country a few times as well.  The shorter trips are mostly on time, or at the worst rarely more than an hour off, and the most-extended long trip I've been on was two-hours late coming in after a 33 hour journey.  The equipment is always clean, although worn at times.

In my experience going back thirty years Amtrak's treatment of its passengers has definitely not been as sub-humans, especially when compared to the airlines -- and there are too many instances where the airlines don't keep their treatment of passengers brief.

A couple of questions for both of you:

  1.) When was the last time you took a trip on Amtrak?

  2.) How often do you take it?

"Bellyaching-without-backup" has become a career -- on many kinds of forums.  It pays to know what the data says before adding your two-cents worth on any topic.

Finally a comment about Post-COVID: We are not now, and will likely never be, "post-Covid" because the virus is mutating and strengthening.  If we don't smack it down hard via vaccinations it will be back, and soon.  Have you ever thought about why we can't cure the common cold?

We may never be able to because it mutates faster than we can keep up with it.  COVID-19 is not much different, and making the situation worse is that COVID-19 is much more deadly than the common cold.  If we allow COVID-19 to mutate, and return stronger, we'll be shutting things down again soon.

"Just my $0.02".


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