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Reply to "Amtrak's Plans to Extend Rail Service Across the Country"

@jd-train posted:

As a forum member, you are under no obligation to read every single thread posted to the forum.

I can never understand why any forum member would suggest that a thread be deleted just because it doesn't interest them?  In the last 24 hours, there has been 78 active threads, on all types of train related topics, so everyone should be able to find something of interest.



Those following this thread and the varying opinions would see that comparisons between the airline and railroad industries and government's role in funding those is germane to the discussion and most of my comments have been about the railroad industry and Amtrak.

Maybe he wanted it deleted because he doesn't agree with it, but you have to admit the discussions on this forum are truly civilized compared to other forums and Facebook.   There are forum members of every political persuasion here and I personally think that our mutual love for model railroading supersedes any differences.  I know it does for me.


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