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Reply to "**FINAL** Announcing Custom Run Atlas O Premier 18" 70' Madison Heavyweight Passenger Cars - Chicago, Burlington & Quincy "CB&Q" from Berwyn's Toys and Trains!"

@ Eccentric Crank.  "but perhaps you could increase sales and reach a wider audience by posting this on the (in the effort to be more accurate) 3-Rail Traditional Toy Trains  forum? "  These are not Marx, Flyer, or Lionel toy trains......  We beg to differ, but this is the correct category (3-Rail Scale Model Trains) for posted said item.

"A quote from Forum Moderators - "WAY TOO MANY of your posting is being placed in the wrong category....mostly 3-rail scale.""   And this applies to us directly how?  Explain to us how an ATLAS O / MTH Premier 3-Rail item doesn't belong here?  Especially when Atlas O's and MTH's whole business model centers on those principles.  

"Shorty (18" cars)  are clearly not scale........ "  What?  Least you forget, these cars have scale proportions (70' 18" = correct for the baggage and RPO, incorrect for everything else.  They are not 80' (21") cars that you call true O-scale.)  These cars do come with oversized flanges, knuckles and shanks, and PICKUP ROLLERS.  GASP!  Because that's how they are produced and delivered by the manufacture.  Out of the box and on 3-rail track.  If you choose to alter them after delivery to fit your needs to make them more 1:48 scale - more power to ya.

".......and posting on the correct forum will have a greater appeal to the much larger audience which should lead to increased sales which is what you are after."  We seem to be gathering enough preorders just fine, thank you.

"I see quite a few vendors now posting all sorts of non scale stuff here so while you are not alone, you are not reaching the proper and wider audience for selling the items you wish to advertise either."  This is the third time you are telling us that we are in the wrong forum.  Huh.....perhaps you are looking in the wrong forum.  Now if we were to post this, say, in the 2-Rail scale forum, then you are correct for calling us out.  But we didn't, did we?

"However, as a forum elder has pointed out,  "Then again you are a forum sponsor so you do have the ability to post where ever as part of the Sponsorship"."  Finally something we can agree on.  Oh, that's right!  We are paying a monthly fee so that someone like yourself (a non-digital subscriber) can post and tell us that we are placing incorrect topics in the incorrect forums which, if we're not mistaken that job belongs to the moderators.

Perhaps you should go crank on something else.....

Thanks for your interest and comment.

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