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Reply to "**FINAL** Announcing Custom Run Atlas O Premier 18" 70' Madison Heavyweight Passenger Cars - Chicago, Burlington & Quincy "CB&Q" from Berwyn's Toys and Trains!"

CB&Q Bill,

Since you asked. It's a Lionel E7 unpainted that was an engineering sample of the Texas Special set 6-31755. Although the Burlington E7 had what is known as "Shadow Line" to represent the side fluting, I had this engine and just decided to do it as a Burlington.

It's a dummy engine that I use with my other E7's and E8's, otherwise I would have installed a fixed pilot from P&D.

Note that the first photo shows the coupler in black, I then painted it silver, less noticeable.

Contact me off list if you want to see more info and photos of my BR custom work.



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  • CB&Q E7 9921 (6)
  • CB&Q E7 9921 weathered (1)
  • CB&Q E7 9921 weathered (5)
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