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Another-“ Help ID...” this loco(BUB?) And Tender (MML England)

I recently purchased this tin 0-4-0 loco w/ tender on eBay- it was sold as “Bub NOT Bing”.

My questions are:

Who produced the loco and tender?

Year of production for the loco?

alterations to the loco?

Picture of both the loco and tender:


Comparing the gears, brush plate, and style of the loco certainly appears to look like it’s a Bub 3 rail electric- with a modification that added a 3rd rail pick-up roller. Pics below:

Side with gears, looks like Bub 3 rail electrics I’ve examined. Dome on top is silver


Side with brush plate cover. Looks identical to other Bub 3 rail electrics.that spent too long in the sun- as evident by the faded detailing.C55DCDAA-3DB1-4A77-9CC7-107BF69A822F

2 pictures of the underside- the gears are similar to Marx “fat wheels”. And there’s the pick-up roller that looks like it’s been added.743854AF-FEEF-4C64-8320-662B452A5E17


headlight(not sure if it was added) and pattern on front of loco43BF70FC-28C1-4101-9D49-FBD676F2010D

aerial view2EF914E8-FFFE-42B8-88F9-046868089FFA



Appears to have been “dipped”- all black, very round wheels and thick axles. Bub type couplers02586773-8BAB-4F95-83AD-DB91226F0ED4

The biggest enigma- this logo:

Top has the letters “ML” followed by a superscript “D”

Below is another L, with England underneath


Help is very MUCH appreciated!!




Images (11)
  • 8F743FBA-6576-4EE1-B9E5-FD2AE53A7FC3
  • C55DCDAA-3DB1-4A77-9CC7-107BF69A822F
  • 743854AF-FEEF-4C64-8320-662B452A5E17
  • 43BF70FC-28C1-4101-9D49-FBD676F2010D
  • 2EF914E8-FFFE-42B8-88F9-046868089FFA
  • AFC85208-787C-4876-82AB-F4F27CE55B25
  • 1D242F89-3664-425A-833E-676E51079479
  • F9724697-0ADD-4C43-8CC5-E8C66D41F0EC
  • F69560F5-6F07-45A9-80D1-93E95313C0C1
  • 02586773-8BAB-4F95-83AD-DB91226F0ED4
  • FB650980-F75E-421C-909B-100F928C1386
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