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John, I am hoping I will be able to speed it up a bit after I get a few more under my belt (passenger cars that is! )

First impressions running though; great! No flickering and plenty of light. My passengers can now see what they are doing. They might be a little too bright, so I may crank them down a bit someday. And I need to add the marker light leds to the observation car, thanks for those ideas in the thread you pointed to John. I am also pleased to report that with the offshore parts I ordered after the first batch, and my bulk board order from AllPCB, my cost per board is now down to $1.03 all in. Well not including my time of course.

My wiring from the module to the led strips is very light, about 30 AWG I believe. I ordered a bunch of micro JST 2 pin male/female connectors referenced earlier in this topic; about 10 cents a pair. They are perfect. So far I have been able to adapt the wiring already in the car to supply power from the rollers to the board input, after clipping off the unneeded light wires. So that's kind of handy. Works just fine. All in all it has been a good experiment so far.


Here is a front/back pic of the bulk boards: The pads are pre-tinned; yahoo!



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