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Reply to "Another Monorail thought! Half loop?"


The hardware would be easy if I can get the trigger to happen.  I can set up an Arduino to do the reverse, the delays if wanted, and the double-click that reverses thru neutral.  Trying to determine the best way to sense the monorail getting to the end of the track.  I prefer switches instead of electronics like optical or Ir sensors.  Hoping someone has already done a non-loop monorail.


I thought I read that it was set up like a  trolley, but if it works like a trolley, they tend to miss the mark by a smidge each out-and-back, so after a while, the smidges add up and you're banging into an end! 

Yes, a half loop will be a lot easier to implement on my quickly filling up (spacewise) 5' x 9' tinplate layout.  It seems like the monorail will block too many other items if I try to squeeze in a full loop. OTOH, some of my favorite tinplate layouts are loaded with stuff!

 If I get it to work, I will certainly share the final plan...If not, I'll quietly fade into the sunset!

Still looking for someone with a non-loop monorail....

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