Any Interest In a Seaboard Turtleback (Round-Roof) Boxcar?

Jim King of Smokey Mountain Model Works has already produced a resin, S-scale model of the SAL Class B7 single-door turtleback boxcar and has asked to see if there's any interest in producing the SAL Class AF-1 double-door turtleback boxcar, also in S scale.

He posted this on the ACL/SAL Yahoo forum and I replied saying that if he ever decided to build these in O scale I'd be interested.

He sent me an email questioning if there was enough interest, so I thought I'd ask here to get some idea.

The SAL Class B7 (19000-19499) was a 40', single-door car:

sal rr boxcar19268

The SAL Class AF-1 (11000-11699) and AF-2 (11700-11999) was a 40', double-door boxcar:

sal dd rr boxcar 11665

Here's a photo of Jim's S-scale single-door car:

19135 B7 RR boxcar

These are NOT the same as the PRR or B&O cars, this is a very different design.

Honestly, Jim says there's not been a lot of interest shown from the O-scale folks in any resin kits and feels it's not worth his effort and $$$.  I told him I would at least make the attempt and ask here (hopefully the 2-rail guys will also look).

No idea what it would cost, how many would have to sell, etc.  This is just me brainstorming (look out!).

The S-scale kit would be a 1-pc urethane body, urethane underframe, and separate details, I would think an O-scale kit would be the same.

OK, so who's interested? (I told him I'd post and give him the link to it so he can read what is said)


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