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Reply to "Any Interest In a Seaboard Turtleback (Round-Roof) Boxcar?"

Bob Delbridge posted:

You might be right Martin.  The crowd on the ACL/SAL Yahoo forum is mostly HO, some N and S, and only a handful of O-scalers.

He said he had offered O-scale at one time, but sales were insignificant and his interest in S-scale got the better of him so that's the direction he took.

I did start a topic about his S-scale car in the S-scale forum, but no responses so far:

No responses on a forum for a scale that he's already offered, and trying to drum up business for another model for, says a lot I'm afraid.

Well, all I can do is put the word out and if people want to respond that's all that can be expected.

These were very important cars for Seaboard and widely used on their system.  If the cost is not astronomical I'd consider getting a couple of them.  I have two of the fantasy SAL MTH RailKing round-roof boxcars (I think I determined they are B&O prototypes) and need to repaint them if I can find the right color (I've been in touch with Ed Bommer).

By when I was a kid I saw the real thing.There where 6 of them parked on a few sidings.In the freight yard in town they were behind the abc store.They sat there for years until the rail road got rid of them.I took some pictures of the last one before they moved it.I don,t know where that picture is.

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