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WOW! A great topic. I grew up near the New Haven line in the northeast Bronx that eventually crossed the HellGate bridge.

My paternal grandparents lived in Larchmont just north and west of the station. I grew up watching McGinnis-liveried jets go flying by! I could get up close before I-95 was built.....

Of course, in 1958, I asked Santa to bring me the New Haven F3 freight set in the Lionel catalog.

This is my office computer, so I don't have a lot of pics here....this is what I have:

jet 4jet 6jet3jett01jett02

NH F unit

My DL 109-110 with PS3:


My EP-5 set from the 56 Lionel catalog:


My F3 set from the 58 Lionel catalog:

Layout51Sept2002 007


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