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The first Acela train in the morning leaves Providence, RI at 5:40am and will get you to NYC about 3 hours later.  This is useful, because you can get there comfortably in time for a 10am meeting pretty much anywhere in Manhattan.  One of my favorite things to do on that train is sit on the left side of the train (water side) and watch the sunrise over Westerly, RI and Stonington, CT.

The five photos below were taken from inside an Amtrak train running along the Northeast corridor in a few Connecticut shore towns such as Old Lyme, Madison, Noank, etc.  These were taken on the second train out of Providence which leaves at around 6:50am.  I was on my way down from Rhode Island to attend the Fall TCA York meet, so the pictures are that much more special for me.

The first two show just how close the tracks are to the water's edge.  Believe it or not, these are further away than some spots where the right of way is literally 10-20 feet from the water.


The promenade, fencing, and benches along this stretch are somewhat new, having been added to this beach in the past few years.

The next image shows one of the many small salt marshes in the Madison, CT. area.  If I had had my thinking cap on, I would have taken a photo of one of the half dozen or so gated grade crossings through this area.  It's hard to believe that the Acela still passes by several roads that are only protected by crossing gates.


The final two photos show another stretch of beach from the train window.  These photos are kind of hard to capture because you need to time your shots to miss the overhead wire stanchions as they pass by the windows.  You have to sit there and get into a groove of 1-2-3-click!, 1-2-3-click! as the train passes the stanchions.


Whenever you take the train from NYC to New England, remember to sit on the right going north and the left side going south for the best water views.

Steven J. Serenska


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