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Here are more photos that I took of the New Haven, CT station while I attended the 2009 Hartford National NMRA Convention. NH Joe

Main waiting room.  The bench backs have O gauge MTH models of NH trains in enclosed glass or plexiglass cases on the top.  


This is a close up of the chandelier.  They have been beautifully restored.


This the restored ceiling.  


Another view of waiting room.  I really like the flag.


An Amtrak train is ready to depart.  Note the NH on the passenger car.



View of the passenger platforms.


This is the station's yard throat at the the West (New York) end of the station.  The NH mainline from New York to Boston runs mostly West to East along Long Island Sound.  I always get confused because I think of Boston as being North of New York but it is really Northeast of New York with most of the distance being to the East.  


This is the NH motor storage yard next to station.  The NH railroad called their electric engines "motors".  Amtrak evidently uses the yard to store diesels and electric engines.  



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