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biscuitag97 posted:

Sunset 3rd rail just announced FA units arriving later this year. New Haven McGinnis FA-1 is looking like a gem. 

If no one has told you, Biscuit, you are a bad influence  

MELGAR posted:

New Haven heavyweight observation, RPO and dining cars from Golden Gate Depot are scheduled for delivery in March/April 2019.

I'm sending an email to Scott Mann/Sunset/3rd Rail requesting that he offer the Alco FA-1 diesels in either of their two earlier paint schemes. The original colors when the FA-1s were delivered in 1947 were orange and hunter green with thin silver stripes. A few years later, they were repainted in hunter green with gold stripes. It seems that almost all models of New Haven diesels are painted in the orange/black/white McGuiness scheme that was introduced in 1955. I would like to have more models in the liveries of the 1940s and early 1950s.


And speaking of bad influences, MELGAR... while I like the McGuiness scheme (it IS NOT butt ugly!!!), I have to agree that I’d like the orange/hunter/silver scheme - I think the hunter/gold would look too close to the recent PA offering. 

Scott is killing me. And you guys ain’t helping!!!

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