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The photo shows New Haven's 4400 series multiple-unit cars - also referred to as "washboards" because of their fluted stainless-steel sides - manufactured in 1954 by Pullman Standard in Worcester, Massachusetts. Each car was powered by four 100 horsepower DC traction motors and drew 11,000 volt AC power from the New Haven's overhead catenary and rectified it to DC for the motors. The cars also had two third-rail pickup shoes on each truck for operation under trackage-rights on the New York Central Railroad between Woodlawn, New York  and Grand Central Terminal, a distance of 12 miles, where 650-volt DC power was supplied from a third rail.


Thanks, as always, MELGAR... did they usually run trains that long??? I don’t remember too may 10 car trains when I was riding Metro North, much less 11.


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