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You are correct, MELGAR... here are two more from Facebook today...

The first is not one of my favorite engines... I like the paint scheme, but don’t care for boxy overall appearance and the “flat top” by the pantograph (the NH should have gone with GG-1’s!!!). The caption reads:

”New Haven EF-4 Electrics Nos. 310 and 308.

Twelve EF-4's were built by General Electric in August of 1955. They were the first successful production locomotives to use Ignitron (mercury arc) rectifier technology. Although they proved to be a very successful design, no more EF-4's were ever built, due to the small number of railroads that had electrification and the advent of improved electric locomotive technology”.


The second is more up my line. The caption reads:

FL9 no. 2000 coming through Woodlawn milepost 12 pulling the Mayflower to GCT. Year unknown probably around 1960”.



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