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Hey guys


Thought I would just update that I finally got the Victorian Christmas set I was looking at, an have used it with the old CW-80 from my old PE kit at reduced voltage, an it works like a charm.


Currently I have only setup the oval that comes with the kit, but am able to run it at even 5V, an it chugs along nicely at full throttle.


Actually, when I had just the engine on there, was able to get it to run around at only 4.5v.


One thing I didn't think about though is that at 5V, the lights for the cars aren't even visible. Oddly the engine light is OK, but can't even see the cars lights.


For this to happen I had to bring it up to about 6 to 7 an then they were just visible, an 8 or more for the to be just full on but dim.


But at that voltage an at full throttle, the engine fell right over on its first curve.


Perhaps I can get bulbs that are a lower voltage rating?



PS, just to mention, I am not using the smoker and doubt I ever will.

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