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Reply to "Anybody do an old Ranch scene?"

@Mannyrock posted:

Holy Cow 3Rail  (bad pun)

That is Exactly the type of scenery I had in mind.

Where did you get the figurines?

Do you make or buy those cliffs in the rear?



Hey Mannyrock...sorry I was away for a few days. Anyway, Widow66valley is correct. I got almost everything from Aspen. They are plastic and unfortunately require painting. It is not too hard using artist tube acrylics. Just take your time. There are also tutorials on the ‘net that are pretty good.

yes, I made the rock work from foam sheets, plaster gauze and sculptamold.  They were then painted with tube acrylics and given a dusting of ground foam in a few colors. The top portion is removable for access to the upper level and also a transformer for my low voltage lights in my kitchen.

Hope that helps.


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